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AMAZ Employee Benefits Platform

AMAZ has finally unveiled the exclusive members page!

AMAZ is a flexible employee benefits platform that provides perks, discounts, and exclusives that employees can actually enjoy. Here are things to look forward to:


 With hundreds of products sourced from Taiwan, Australia, Thailand, the Philippines, Germany and the United States, etc., AMAZ not only offers a variety of popular food and household products but also those that are organic, healthy and good for the environment.


There’s nothing better than immersing yourself in some good rest and relaxation, but a nice new adventure brings and amazing sense of wonder and enjoyment . We have curated a series of health and wellness experience packages and programs that provide the best ways to relax and reward yourself after a week or even a day of hard work! Bored with spa or facials? What about sound therapy, tea ceremony workshop or even a local gin distillery tour?


Check out the latest perks on the platform’s perks page and you might just have the dinner date venue and anniversary gift settled.

From the world all over

Exclusive products, experiences and perks

 Upon login, you are instantly greeted by the exclusive e-commerce platform. We aspire to provide you with perks and experiences that you can actually use and enjoy right away – something that fits into your busy everyday, no matter where you are in life.

- Exclusive company activities -

Organizing company activities can be exhausting and AMAZ is here to do it all for you, because making employees and even employers happy is our goal and duty! Talk to us if you have an idea for the coming up company event or let us surprise you!

Wider scope of benefits you can pick anytime anywhere

unlike conventional employee benefit programs, AMAZ provides an ever-expanding portfolio of benefits that you can access and check on, anytime, anywhere. It will become a weekly routine that you look forward to!


convenient Delivery

Rest assured, AMAZ will have your purchased products delivered to you no matter how big or small your order is.


Constant Updates

With the aim to source not the most, but the best, AMAZ will keep putting up new exciting products on board! So be sure to check in every now and then!


Social Responsibility

AMAZ believes it is our responsibility to contribute to the society. Hence, we partner with charitable organizations to give out anti-viral kits to those in need during the pandemic. We also encourage those retired to contribute their knowledge and skills by employing them as part-time or freelancers. In the upcoming future, we will continue to work with charitable organizations to offer volunteering activities to interested companies. Stay tuned!


Your health matters to us

AMAZ believes active prevention is better than cure. For that reason, we include programmes such as exercise physiology workshop to promote physical health and online subscriptions like Calm and Headspace for achieving mental health.


Promotes local brands both young and old

AMAZ is aware that there are plenty of local brands with a long history in Hong Kong, such as Kowloon Flour Mills and Yuen Kut Lam, that are worth preserving and promoting. At the same time, emerging in Hong Kong are younger generations who are excited to promote their new businesses with cool and inspiring ideas, like Ah Ma Recipes. Look for our made in HK products!


Be the first to know AMAZ's future development

AMAZ is the superb, one-stop solution platform specially designed to effectively boost  employee health, happiness, and productivity! Now, HR and management can enjoy reduced workloads with flexible compensation, lifestyle perks, and a host of great rewards. Say goodbye to conventional, boring “welfare” and pick the perks that actually matter to you!

We are working our best to improve and further develop the platform to provide a smoother and more comprehensive reward experience to our members. 

We thank you for your support.
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