AMAZE yourself with

The New Way to Employee Benefits

AMAZE yourself with

The New Way to Employee Benefits

About Us

Keeping employees motivated and happy during these changing times is not an easy task.

Knowing the happier the employees, the more productive they are, the goal at AMAZ is simple:

to amaze, both employees and employers alike.

In response to changing demands and needs of the working world, AMAZ prides itself as the ultimate contemporary solution to employee benefits. 

With ever-increasing benefits that can be found on their all-inclusive online platform “AMAZhub”, employees have unlimited access to perks, deals and shopping surprises. Companies will also find networking channels and links to charity works, as well as anonymous HR analytic reports to understand employees’ preferences. You might even find yourself enjoying hours of fun at their exclusive workplace events.

All as “the new way to employee benefits”.

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AMAZ for All

The all-rounded benefits platform that doesn’t only benefit employees but also corporate leaders and merchants alike

For Employees

Say goodbye to outdated benefit schemes and enjoy the flexibility in choosing your own benefits. 

For HRs/ Corporate Leaders

Consolidate benefits management and make data-driven decisions that make everyone happy. Win more hours and get work done effectively and efficiently.

For Merchants

Sell your products/ services to diverse corporate audiences and high income-earning customers. Benefit from advertising opportunities via AMAZ. 


The new way to employee benefits!

Ever-increasing Benefits

New products/ perks/ experiences are added weekly to give you never-ending surprises

One Stop Benefits Portal AmazHub

Allows you to browse all your employee benefits and share your vision and culture with fellow members

Exclusive Shopping Fun AmazShop

Enjoy discounts and delivery service when you shop exclusive products from around the world

Spend Less, Gain More

Pay as little as $18/ person per month or become an AMAZ partner to enjoy free subscription

Freebie and Deal Surprises

Every Wednesday, freebies and massive discounts will be there on AmazHub for you to claim

Advertising Channel

Free advertising channel on AMAZ social media/ AmazHub

Business Opportunities

Become AMAZ’s partner and sell your product/ services to corporate audiences

Fulfill Social Responsibility

Join charitable events via AMAZ to contribute to the society



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