Direct sales channel
to 60,000+
Hong Kong

Flexible perk platform

AMAZ provides a unique opportunity to sell your products straight to income earning clients.

AMAZ is a perk platform that combines both work and lifestyle – a unique approach to employees benefit that cater to the modern everyday.

We provide discounts, item exclusives, tickets, and experiences to various local companies – no matter how big or small.

our network
to your advantage

Our network has growing number of members. As a perks platform that capitalizes on employee work – life balance, our goal is to be able to provide things that is relevant to what the employee needs.

Drive growth – upsell products and services.

Our platform provides you all the things you need to upsell and manage your products – may you be giving discounts to boost traffic, or push a brand new exclusive item – let’s make your business grow.

Increase traffic to your establishment by providing coupons for discounts, or creating promotional coupons such as a buy 1 get 1 coupon, and more!

Offer exclusive items, or utilize our shop function to allow quick order and pick up – transform your business to the digital retail.

Test the market by utilizing our platform – offer products in limited quantities and collect feedback straight from the income-earning market.



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